Attendance check in Al Faiha Clinic center

As I was registering my name for getting an injection for Haaj in Al Faiha clinic center yesterday, some guys with sunglasses and dishdashas got in the room and the women working started struggling cuz the guys were from the ministry checking for attendance.

The guys were so harsh when they were talking to the girls, it was like an interrogation…they were asking them so loudly “where is this person?! Where is that person?! Hurry up and just give me the attendance list if you have it”…

This is not a good way of communicating with your colleagues at work, cuz you’re all in the same team…this is not a good way of treating people working with you in the same ministry…if they just don’t change this attitude, the number of absence will just get higher cuz of the way they’re being treated

I’m telling you people it was horrible

The working environment has to be always friendly for the people to really give the best of what they’ve got to work


The Crush It Seminar – IT WAS AMAZING

Unfortunately I have not taken any photos in the seminar, but the over all seminar was amazing. The world communication is changing really fast, you will not survive if you don’t keep up with it. An example is a farmer with a 1000 horses and wants to start selling them, and suddenly cars were invented, so the farmer went bankrupt because of not keeping up with the change.

The social media networks play a big role in the big cultural shift that is happening around the world. An example for that is Garys wine library website, more people watched wine library website in a year than the number of people that watched Time magazine within the last 25 years.

People are communicating through social media more than they do through anything else. That means that we are getting to huminzing logos (as a person) which means that communicating with other people through social networks more than through something else. Do not get expired and be part of the change.

People have their hands and eyes on their phones more than they do on the billboards around the streets, TV…etc. The traditional way of communication is diying. In the past marketing used to cost people and companies a fortune, now it costs them nothing.

Oh and please note that Gary did do his homework by studying how the Kuwaiti society is with social media networks. He told me that he was STUNED AND AMAZED that more than 2 million people out of 3 million people are into the social media and networks in a way that he has never imagined. He started comparing us with USA interms of how much trafficking there is in the daily usage of social media in Kuwait.

Ladies and gentlemen believe me that social networking is not about how good or bad it is anymore, it is the change that is making the world become like one village. Being part of this change is not a choice anymore, it is a must so don’t get expired.



Renovation of the National Museum of Kuwait

There is a renovation going on for the national museum, I heard that it’s going to be amazing once it’s finished. The engineering consultants for the project told me that the project will finish in not less than 6 to 7 years due to the bureaucracy in the government. The new thing that I just got to know though is that when they were going to build the place back in the 1970s I think, they were going to have a big equarium in it to reflect the identity of the Kuwaiti culture, but at the end they canceled it for some odd reason 😦

But at the end, it’s good that they’re renovating the place and taking care of it at least

The new things they’re adding to the place are a building for a library, main entrance, Storage, car park, central plant and landscaping