Al Arabi Magazine

Al Arabi magazine

Al Arabi magazine used to be the #1 magazine in the arab world, just like Time magazine is in Europe and Newsweek is in the states. There are many things that made it so unique, it’s information and exclusivity in it’s stories and reports. But why did they stop now, I feel so sad for it, after more than 50 year of establishment. At least they should have an account in Twitter or Facebook, or even start a blog.

Ahmad Zaki the first chief editor of al Arabi magazine

Many of the famous magazines and newspapers back in the west are starting to crumble and bankrupt, because of the revolution of the internet, the social media and blogging which threaten their existence. why is this not happening in the arab world, well it’s because most of the arab countries are still new to the internet and technology, that gives a bit of more time for the newspapers and magazines to survive.

Social networks

In Kuwait, even though we have many peoplle still not familiar with social media networks, there still are many people usng it which is making the companies and corporations depend on them more than they do on the old fashion way of advertising and marekting.

That is why I am so worried about the survival of this institution. It’s a waste not to get it back to the way it was in the past


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