The Apple revolution – Steve Jobs

It’s a real loss for the world of information and technology to loose a remarkable person such as Steve jobs. A person who started a new revolution, and redefined the use of computers, softwares, and mobile phones. I’m going to share with you most of the products that he Defined in his career
Steve Jobs first Product

The first computer was designed by eve Wozniak, funded and marketed by Steve Jobs. It was made mostly for engineers

The first personal computer

The first personal computer was very successful, and the product line of this computer continued until 1993

The first commercial computer

The first commercial computer with a graphical user interface. Icons and windows along with a mouse, it was the start of the basic computers that we’re using today

The Macintosh

The Macintosh computer had a graphical user interface. From this computer people realized how useful it might be for design purposes.

From this computer people really started to get into the mac PCs. I remember back in the states when I used to be in high school we really had these computers everywhere, they were really easy to use. Macintosh was used a lot in high school.

Web browser

The worlds first web browser was created by Steve which was a real challenge but was never able to sell large numbers


As Steve returned to apple, he worked on iMac which was the first step in reversing the slide of the company which was happening as Steve was out.


The first successful music player with a hard drive. The iPod’s success prepared the way for the iTunes music store and the iPhone.


Itunes store was open, but buying digital music was a facing a lot of disagreement, which made piracy the easier option. So the store brought the tracks from all the major labels.


Iphone made apple the world’s most profitable maker of phones.


Dozens of companies had created tablet computers before apple, but none of them were successful, but when the Ipad came in it created a whole new category of computer practically by itself.

With all this success apple is now the #1 computer company in the world, and continues it’s revolution in the world of information technology with more surprises yet to come ex. Icloud, IOS5…etc.


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