Allah Bilkhair – Mohamad Mosaad Al Saleh

Mohamad Moasaad Al Saleh’s Library “Alla Bilkhair”

Mohamed Mosaad Al Saleh ala yer7ma

I wanted to write about this person because I think that he’s one of the most successful righters we’ve ever had in Kuwait (Alla yer7ma).  I don’t know where the library is, but soon inshallah I’ll find out and write another post about the place.

Sometimes I write in Al Qabas newspaper, and I speak how I truly feel through those articles that I write in the paper, but I don’t do it as good as he does mashala.


All the work and effort that he gave to this country will not go to dust, and because Kuwait had patriots like him we will have a bright future for ourselves and future generations.


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