Apollo 11 – Did they really land on the moon?!

Landing on the moon

I was having a really interesting conversation with a friend yesterday about the moon. Did man kind really land on the moon or was it all lies. He said that they didn’t.

I was surprised that he maybe kind of right. He said that they were in a studio doing the hole thing to make it real. They did it because they wanted to win the cold were against the soviets so badly. The evidence on what he was saying were as follows:

1- the American flag was moving…there’s no gravity in space, so how can it be moving

2- there were no other photos taken on any man landing on the moon after 1969

3- they wanted to make a big lie for landing on the moon because the soviets discovered that they couldn’t land on it, so they did it to make themselves look stronger

4- the light of the sun was pointing to the wrong direction


4 thoughts on “Apollo 11 – Did they really land on the moon?!

  1. i really do applaud you for thinking outside the box, but all these claims are false and the moon landing actually did happen…
    Here are the reasons for your claims…

    1- The flag was attached to a Г-shaped rod so that it did not hang down. The flag only seemed to flutter when the astronauts were moving it into position. Without air drag, these movements caused the free corner of the flag to swing like a pendulum for some time. The flag was rippled because it had been folded during storage—the ripples could be mistaken for movement in a still photograph. Videotapes show that when the astronauts let go of the flagpole it vibrates briefly but then remains motionless

    2 – you are gravely mistaken here, there were photos taken by Apollo 15 in 1971

    3 – i agree winning the space race meant a lot but not fake still 🙂

    4 – Shadows on the Moon are complicated by reflected light, uneven ground, wide-angle lens distortion, and lunar dust. There are several light sources: the Sun, sunlight reflected from the Earth, sunlight reflected from the Moon’s surface, and sunlight reflected from the astronauts and the Lunar Module. Light from these sources is scattered by lunar dust in many different directions, including into shadows. Shadows falling into craters and hills may appear longer, shorter and distorted. Furthermore, shadows display the properties of vanishing point perspective, leading them to converge to a point on the horizon.

  2. I see…mashala shaklek you know a lot about space….good to know….I guess I should read more about astronomy and science to have a bigger picture about this stuff….I think Stephen halking is the best source ;D

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