The economic consultant committee – Will they have their reports and studies on the Kuwaiti economy implemented and taken seriously?!

As the world economy is crumbling and the rioting in more than 100 cities around the world are rising, how ready is Kuwait to face this kind of crisis?, In early September his highness the Amir established an economic committee to study where the country is, amongst all the world economic and political challenges, discover the problems behind the economic downturn in Kuwait since the last 20 years, and propose the solutions for those problems, and have an economic shield to be ready for what’s next of the world economic crisis.

Sadly, many of the different institutes and ministries in the public sector are forcing the government to raise their salaries and yearly bonuses. While their productivity is equal to a half hour of work to the western nations, so do they still deserve all those bonuses and high salaries? This is all not going to the best interests of the future of our future generations. The salaries and other liabilities already take not less than $50 dollars of our oil barrels. The government keeps accepting all the demand of those riots from different ministries till this day, which made the economic committee hopeless and not very happy.

At the end, we still have our high oil prices, but the way of living is unlike before, we have to change our way of life in Kuwait. What I mean by way of life is to change from a consumable society into a productive society.

I’m just so disappointed in the way everyone is demanding for a raise in salaries, doesn’t the government have a system or some regulations they go by for raising salaries?! If they do then they’re just not implementing it


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