Banning books in Kuwait, when is it going to end?!

Banning books

Banning books in Kuwait is something that’s made for the sake of not having people believing in wrong thinking or different religions, atheiesm, or devil worshiping…etc, that is according to what the ministry of information says.

If they want to talk from a religious point of view, well during the times of the ottoman empire and the empires before of the muslim nation when baghdad used to be the capital of math, science, and medicine, they were not limited in what books they can or cannot read, if they did then they wouldn’t have made all the accomplishments in science medicine math and astronomy. The limits of education and learning is the skies, and that’s secret behind their success. Oh and please ask yourselves, do most of us even know the names of the scientist in Islam and the name of each of their inventions, yea I guess they don’t teach us that in school, all they teach us is what’s halal and what’s haram.

Let’s take it from another angle, how can they limit us with the books and we can actually buy them as ebooks online, I mean ‘Boarders’ one of the well known bookstores across America just announced it’s bankruptcy and ebooks were one of the main reasons behind that, so how will the government deal with that, are they just going to ban the sites that sell ebooks.

It is really stupid how they’re forcing us to read what they think is right for us. To me I don’t care about banning English books anymore cuz I can buy them online, but many of the Arabic books I won’t be able to read because most of them are still sold as hard copies more than they are as soft copies (ebooks).

I wonder how do they want us to be educated and smart when they’re forcing us to be so narrow minded in the way we think. The more I learn about different cultures and civilizations the more powerful I get, but they just don’t get it I guess.


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