Attendance check in Al Faiha Clinic center

As I was registering my name for getting an injection for Haaj in Al Faiha clinic center yesterday, some guys with sunglasses and dishdashas got in the room and the women working started struggling cuz the guys were from the ministry checking for attendance.

The guys were so harsh when they were talking to the girls, it was like an interrogation…they were asking them so loudly “where is this person?! Where is that person?! Hurry up and just give me the attendance list if you have it”…

This is not a good way of communicating with your colleagues at work, cuz you’re all in the same team…this is not a good way of treating people working with you in the same ministry…if they just don’t change this attitude, the number of absence will just get higher cuz of the way they’re being treated

I’m telling you people it was horrible

The working environment has to be always friendly for the people to really give the best of what they’ve got to work


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