My Haaj trip with ‘Mashaer’

As I was about to start my trip to Haaj I was so nervous since it was my first time. There’s something called ‘motamateh’ for the people who want to do Haaj, there are also two other kinds but I don’t remember the names. , I did the motamateh, which is doing Omra in the beginning of my Haaj.

I am so glad that I got to go to Haaj this year mostly because of the group (Mashaer). I’ve only got to know the group for 8 days, but it really seamed like I’ve known them for 8 years. They really did make me have more faith in god than I did before.

The Haaj trip went as follows:

Shopping (for the ladies ;p)
Tawaf Alwadaah

As we went to Al Haram in our first day for omra the place was packed with people. It took us about us about 15 minutes to finish from a single round around the Kaaba. And for alsaey we went to the second floor since the other two floors were too crowded. My sister and I did the omra with Bo Mohamad Alsharah and his family, and I’m glad we did since it was too dangerous to do Al omra alone in that day.

Two days later we went to Arafa, everyone loved the location of our camp, it was right in front of the train station where we were able to see the thousands of people coming into Arafa by the minute. The day of Arafa is the most important day in Haaj. We stayed there for the night and did as much praying and duaa as we can before sunset in the next day.

then we went to Mozdalifa, and we stayed there from 6pm until 12am.

Our next stop was Muna, which is the place that we had to stay in and go to Al Jamarat then go back to Muna and stay there until midnight. You have to do Al Jamarat for 3 days in a row, for the first two days we had to go to Al Jamarat by foot since there were too many people. The al Jamarat was 2 Kilometers away from Muna.

During our days in Muna we had contests of questions to do with manasek Al Haaj, and there were alot of prizes. The contest was between teams of 5 buses, but bus almotamayezein (Invensable) is always better, isn’t that right Bo Dawood ;p

After that the ladies went shopping on Wednesday. We were going to go for Tawaf Al Wadaa at 10pm but the Haraam was so0o over loaded and packed with people, so we rescheduled going to Al Haraam to the next day after al Fajer prayers. Yet the place was still packed with people, so me and my sister used the 1st floor, it was kind of crowded but at least we walked freely.

At the end I’d like to thank the management of Mashaer for the kind hospitality they provided for us.

A very special thanks to Jassim Al Bossairi (Bo Dawood), I love you man ;*

These are some pics of the trip

In Muna

In Arafa

Shots taken by Bader Al Asfour

Thanks man :***


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