I wonder what happened to the economic advisors committee

I wonder what happened to the economic advisors committee. They said they were going to finish their final report for the kuwaiti economy, for the actions that are to be taken as a percussion from the upcoming economic crisis that is yet to come.

Things just keep getting worse, after having a group of parliament members demanding to have access to the auditing of the kuwait central bank to know and investigate more on the bribery issue for some of the corrupt PMs. Demanding access to classified information from the CBK is something really sensitive because you’d be destroying the very basic and major policy the banks in kuwait have been established upon. It’s a really hard decision, either to go on with the investigation or to save the financial system.

We’re getting to a level where the political turmoil and conflict is spreading to the core of the financial system of the economy.

So my question is, Where is the economic advisors committee?? What wise decisions have they come up with from their studies in the last couple of moths?? What is their safety jacket plan for the economy from what’s happening domestically and internationally??


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