Is 2012 really Armageddon or is it just a theory?!

I have been thinking about the events that happened this year, it really scares me, I still cannot believe that all this has happened in only one year.

As we are approaching to the end of 2011 many people around the world are hoping for a new year with a new beginning full of hope and happiness.

However, the world has witnessed a year full of natural catastrophes, economic crisis, wars, powerful leaders falling, and civil wars in countries around the world. There are many theories about 2012 as many of you all know talking about the end of the world or the beginning of the end. Most of those theories come from old civilizations (the Mayan calendar, the egyption calendar, chinese calender, and the Tibetan calendar), and the rest come from holly books like the bible, Quaran…etc.

I personally think that something really is going to happen. For god sakes can’t you people feel it, we have had many events and catastrophes this year than ever before, it’s like to get us ready for the big hit in 2012.

What do you guys think?!


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