The disabled people in @tg_intl event


I attended the international day event for the disabled people in Discovery mall. I was so ASTONISHED by many of the disabled young people, they all had such potential and talents in different fields, and they were so proud of who they are and what they have become. They were amazing, I salute you guys (luv u all). Here are some stories some of the people I got to know.


He was disabled from a horrible car accident he had during his high school years, and had some kind of a disfunction in his brain and his legs were broken.

The guy was talking to me as if nothing happened to him. I encouraged him to never give up and achieve his goals. He knows so much about car mechanics and traditional music.

Such a story really makes you want to cry. A person never knows what might happen to him, he was a normal guy before the accident and he is living as a normal guy after the accident.

Ali from KSA:

He says that they don’t have as much rights as we have in Kuwait, he is still proud of his country and is willing to fight to get his right. He speaks perfectly. At the end of the event he got to say a poem as a gift for Kuwait and it’s people.

There are so many other people with different stories. I really wish that people with no disabilities who keep complaining about everything in life take these people as an example for accomplishing something and being proud of who they are.

More updates and pictures are coming up.


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