Global Worming – THE BIG LIE

Global warming is just a theory that is made up by scientists who are having disputes over rather or not it is true. The truth is that it isn’t true. Mother earth is simply going through a cycle, it has experienced an ice age for more than 4 times due to the ups and downs in the climate change and that’s a natural thing. If people really want to know how normal what we are going through is, they can easily go through the history of climate for the earth itself in the past 5000 years or more I think.


Global warming is the biggest lie in human history. LOL I really got to believe them when I was a little boy in middle school, they really brainwashed me. The purpose of having such propaganda is to get more control over the world. What do the humans have to be blamed for destroying mother earth only by living in it, we are not a virus, we are simply a unique kind of species that is trying to live.


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