Stop nagging and do something about it


A lot of people now a days are starting to complain a lot about politics and how things are going in Kuwait, which they usually do all the time but only now they’re over doing it since we have the parliament elections coming really soon.

It is true that we do have problems in health care, employment, house prices, corruption…etc; however we can make a difference without waiting for the change to come to us. Being alive and having brains which give us the ability to think, as long as we have those two no one is unemployed. Opportunities are always available in life but people either don’t see them or don’t want to put some effort to get to them. By only being human and having a brain that makes you employed. Waiting for the job to come to is not the right thing, you already have a job ever since you were born but you just don’t know it. So I think that there is no such thing as unemployment, it’s just a word people came up with to make you weak.


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