The golden triangle


The golden triangle is a mega project to develop Jeleib Al Shuyoukh area. Its been called the golden triangle due to the involvement of 3 groups the government, the private sector, and the residents of the area. The project divides into 6 parts the educational area, the sports area next to Jaber stadium, the new campus of Kuwait university (shedadeya), hotels and resorts area, financial area, a judicial area, exhibitions area, and governmental area.


The project will open 5000 new jobs for kuwaitis and big areas will be provided for the small business owners. The project costs not less than 5.5 billion KD. The project will have a great impact upon the economy and the Kuwaiti society.

The idea of the project has been brought by Nasser Al Barghash a talented young Kuwaiti. The project has got more than 5 years of study and consulted by many economic advisors such as Mrs Safaa Al Hashim.

It is really nice to see such young people in our age come up with such projects in this size. This proves that our present and future generations can make a difference in the country and get it back to it’s golden ages as pearl of the gulf.


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