@sikkaadotcom – the worlds first soccer social network website

Sikkaa.com was created by a dear friend Abdullah Al Shemeri. It is the worlds first social network website that is specialized for soccer. I really love the idea and think that Abdullah can and will go global with it inshallah.

The word “Sikkaa” is an Arabic word that means “road”; it is used as a slogan in Kuwait from a long time ago. It describes the place where all the children play. One of the most played games -and taken as a hobby by most people- in Kuwait was and still is football.
It all began in 2007, when the creator of the website had a football team and was responsible of gathering his team mates and challenging other teams. Yet, that wasn’t enough. He thought if there were social networks that gather all friends in one place, why there isn’t a social network that gathers foes also, get awarded and get the recognition you deserve. With his love to the game, he started on the idea and brought you Sikkaa.
Sikkaa exists to insure that everybody can play football, to promote amateur teams and players, award them, and bring their game to the next level. We are the first to present this service in Kuwait and in the world. And we hope to be #1 in promoting and holding amateur games and challenges all around the world.


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