The Heritage Village project


The Heritage Village is located in Sharq aread, on Gulf road and was an idea brought by Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah (may god have mercy and peace on his sole). The project was scheduled to finish 6 years ago. The International Investors company owned that project and had some serious financial issues, and they recently closed down as a company about a year ago I think. The project was not doing so well and had a lot of issues. The use of the project was for social, historical and artistic purposes which was the concept of the project, but they turned it into a complete commercial use project to make it like a mall, it is just a fast way of making money.

Due to the financial instability the heritage village project got sold to some company from Qatar own by a sheikh from Al Thani family. I do not see any reason for renaming the project but I do think that it’s going to move forward.

Below is a video of the project and other near by mini projects that are to be constructed in Abdullah Al Ahmad street in Kuwait City. I think it’s too good to be true but lets just hope that they would really build it one day.


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