Kuwait City – The city with no identity

Every major city around the world has an identity that defines the true history and traditional development of its country. The Empire state building in New York for example is an 80 year old tower, it shows that skyscraper buildings are part of the cultural development in the city of New York and that is the identity of that major city.

What I mean by all this is that Kuwait was considered as a very developed country compared to other countries in the region who only started the true development of their cities in the past 20 years. The neighboring nations do not have a lot of buildings with historical development to be remembered or with value from the past 300 years, but kuwait city does and that is what makes it so special, but our beloved municipality does not understand that. The old buildings across kuwait city are what defines it, through them visitors can know and live the true cultural development of the old and modern kuwait. We cannot build new buildings with the price of demolishing the old ones, there are still a lot of empty lands where new towers can be build instead of just replacing them with the ones with real historical value (i.e. Al Hamra Tower). The old building of Al Hamra could have been a really great place if it was still standing, like using it for museums, galleries, cafes, and restaurants, it is a big loss.


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