Types of babysitting in Kuwait


I saw an account for a new business on twitter that gives a service of taking your kids for a day out in the weekends as a favor for you if you ever feel lazy for taking them out yourselves. Such a business supports people to being more dependent in taking care of their kids. The personality of any kid in the world starts building up from a very young age, and the parents have to be there all the time in that age for their kids. People in Kuwait are already dependent in many ways on others so such a business does not add any value to the society.


3 thoughts on “Types of babysitting in Kuwait

  1. It’s not a safe business! I wouldn’t trust my kid to be taken out by a complete stranger! If it’s a nursery then it’s fine coz there will be papers & legal stuff & it will be indoors! But this one is very scary!

    • It sure is…people barely follow up with what their maids are doing with their kids these days so they sure won’t give their kids to any stranger every weekend

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