Project X Cooking Contest @ @chef_boutique


Hey people. For the past couple of months I got busy organizing a cooking contest for bloggers with my friends from Chef Boutique Victor, Olga and Basma from 13Cups Blog called “Project X”. It was done between 12 teams (each team of two individuals), we split them into two groups, each group would have the top 3 winning teams go to the final. The 2 groups finished competing last weekend and the day before yesterday we were done with the final. Oh and the hole contest is video recorded and we’re going to publicize it really soon :D. Guess who won the final?!

ElDerwaza Blog CONGRATS


The hole project was SUPER FUN. I never expected of working on an event such as project X would get that successful and that much fun. Also I got the role of being the MC since we never had the time of finding an actual MC or a known presenter. It was loads of work to MC and organize at the same time, but my team and the film crew helped me out big time (luv u guys).

Lots and lots of love to all the bloggers and the judges you were all so amazing, I really don’t know how to thank you ;**.



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