The Super Mega projects for London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics that is about to start really soon this year has been well planned for in all levels.  The architecture of the stadium and the buildings they’ve worked on are just astounding.

Let me share with you most of the projects they’ve completed so far:

London Olympic City

The Aquatics Center

The Olympic Village

I love this one.  It’s designed by Zaha Hadid the Iraqi architect, her work is just amazing.  Sadly thought the village has had some changes due to some serious budget problems on it.

Horse Guards Parade

This is an outdoor stadium for beach volleyball competition

Media Center

London Olympic Stadium

The Orbit

It is something they wanted to do just to be a work of art for the overall project.  It is completely funded by Lakshmi Mittal a British billionair

The bubbles coming out of out it are some kind of clouds, I don’t have any details about the tower really but it looks interesting.

The Olympics Park – sorry I’ve got no pics for this one

Basketball Arena

Residential Towers


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