@plusonekuwait campaign – food donation to the people in need

I recently found out about this amazing idea of plusonekuwait. There are a lot of great people and organizations that are doing something similar but not quite the same. What makes it different is that it is organized and makes society and restaurants participate in this great cause.

Plusonekuwait donates meals from restaurants that participate in the campaign to the people in need and who cannot afford to dine at the fine restaurants. So far the Chocolitness, Meals on Weals, Scrumptious, Hashtag and Solo Pizza have all joined the cause, and so should you.

Customers of any participating restaurant can choose to donate 1KD while paying for their meals.

This great campaign is inspired by Bibi Al Ayoub.

اللهم اجعل هذا العمل الخيري في ميزان حسناتج وميزان حسنات كل من شارك في هذه الحملة الجميلة

You rock walla.  Love you guys and best of luck to you all ;D

Twitter: @plusonekuwait

Instagram: @plusonekuwait



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