@archicamp_ – introducing architecture to young generations


I’ve always been a person who’s madly in love architecture, and for that I have a pretty good background about that field elhemdella. A lot of architects around the region and Kuwait specifically do not know that the cultural history of every nation is what truly defines the definition of architecture. Like Kuwait for instance, architects must know the fact that the beauty of the architectural structure of Kuwait has been there for more than 300 years, so since Kuwait went through hundreds of years of development, all we have to do is help sustain this architectural structure by renovating those beautiful buildings that we have had up in the city since the 1920s, those buildings are what truly defines the Kuwaiti culture and identity.


And here is a lady like Miss Dalal Al Banai establishing a club called “Archicamp” to support and introduce young high school grads to what architecture really is all about, I wish her all the best. She reminds me of the Engineering society back in the old days when it was first established, it was meant to be a social institute for architecture, then they changed and rewound the hole meaning of it. Archicamp gets young boys and girls through a program full of seminars, lectures and workshops lectured by different people who are very well experienced in the field. It’s a good head start for young people to work on before going to the school of architecture.

It would be great if she can do this program to public high schools through collaborating with the ministry of education.


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