Tracy Chevalier: Finding the story inside the painting

I saw this video on TED and I LOVED it.  Tracy just translated my relationship with art galleries and why I love them.  Whenever I go into an art gallery I always get this one painting that drags me like a magnet when I look at it.  It’s like the painting chooses you not the other way around.  The more strange the painting looks the more story you find to it.  However, it does take you a long time to get the hole story, sometimes your hole life and sometimes never, that’s what makes the painting so special, it’s a never ending story and relationship.  Just like the all known Mona Lisa, if you would just forget about it’s history, there is always more story and more things to discover from the painting and once again that’s what makes it worth all that money, that’s why all people are so mad about it.

Check out the video, it’s cool!


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